Design Ideas for a Custom Prosthetic Leg Socket

Elevating Personalized Mobility: Design Ideas for Custom Leg Sockets At Grace Prosthetic Fabrication, we understand the importance of blending functionality with aesthetics when it comes to custom prosthetic sockets. Designing a prosthetic leg socket that not only fits seamlessly but also reflects the individuality of the user is at the heart of our mission. Today, […]

What to Look for When Choosing a Prosthetics Company

What you should look for when choosing prosthetic companies for fabrication. As a physician who works with patients who need custom prosthetics and orthotics, you want to make sure that your patients are in good hands. Choosing the right prosthetic companies can sometimes be a bit tricky because there are many options out there, and you […]

How Grace Reduces the Time It Takes to Produce Prosthetic Sockets

How do the technicians at Grace Prosthetic Fabrication reduce the time it takes to produce prosthetic and orthotic devices? Grace has been in the prosthetic industry for a long time, and we’ve seen tons of changes over the years. Many of those changes are obviously focused on improving the quality of prosthetics, but it’s also […]

Upcoming Advancements for Prosthetic Socket Technology

The prosthetic industry has seen many advancements over the years that have made it easier for amputees to live a fulfilling life. Some of these advancements have also reduced our production time and the quality of artificial limbs, sockets, and prosthetic devices.   To quote a very common and overused cliché, “you ain’t seen nothing […]

Why Do We Recommend Custom Prosthetic Laminating Sleeves?

What Are Custom Prosthetic Laminating Sleeves?   The designers at Grace Prosthetic Fabrication are focused on fabricating sockets and other materials that will help patients live a functional and fulfilling life. One of the ways we do this is by offering prosthetic laminating sleeves, which are basically laminated in your socket for a unique look. […]
Why do veterans choose Grace for prosthetics?

Why do veterans choose Grace for prosthetics?

Veterans have proudly served this country, and they deserve the very best products and services. Some veterans have been injured, leading to amputation and the need for an artificial limb. As an industry leader, Grace has produced many prosthetics for veterans to help them live a long, fulfilling life. Here are some of the reasons […]