Residual Limb Care


Complete Guide: Tips for Prosthetic Socket Care

What are a few tips for keeping prosthetic sockets in good condition?  Caring for a prosthetic socket is essential for maintaining comfort, hygiene, and the overall longevity of a prosthetic device. Proper care ensures that the prosthetic socket remains in good condition, preventing any potential issues with the residual limb. In this guide, we will […]

How to Care for Your Prosthetic

How patients should care for their prosthetic devices. Proper care and maintenance of your prosthetic are crucial to extending its lifespan and ensuring it functions effectively. Given the crucial role of the prosthetic socket in overall comfort and mobility, it’s important to focus on how to care for your prosthetic, especially the socket component. Here’s […]

How Long Does a Prosthetic Socket Usually Last?

How long can a patient expect a prosthetic socket to last?  When it comes to prosthetic limbs, one of the key components determining comfort, functionality, and longevity is the prosthetic socket. Serving as the interface between the residual limb and the prosthetic device, the prosthetic socket plays a crucial role in ensuring a secure fit […]

How Grace Plates Improve Prosthetic Fabrication

Why are Grace Plates beneficial for prosthetic fabrication? In the ever-evolving field of prosthetics, advancements continue to enhance the lives of amputees by offering more customized solutions. Grace Prosthetic Fabrication takes pride in pushing the boundaries of innovation, and one of their standout contributions is the introduction of Grace Plates. In this guide, we’ll delve […]

Residual Limb Care: Skincare When Using a Prosthetic

What are a few key factors for residual limb care? A patient can’t simply put on their prosthesis and not take care of it. We’ve actually covered the importance of proper maintenance and care of a prosthetic device and its socket multiple times, but we haven’t really discussed residual limb care. Today, we’re going to fix […]