Is there a Big Market for Advanced Prosthetics?

Is there a Big Market for Advanced Prosthetics?

How popular are “advanced” prosthetics becoming? Many doctors and their patients often ask, “How advanced are prosthetics?” They’re extremely interested in existing technologies that are already in use and emerging technologies that are on the horizon. This is often because new technologies make living with an artificial limb much easier. People are also curious about […]

Tips for Traveling With a Prosthetic Limb

A few tips for traveling with a prosthetic. In case you weren’t already aware, traveling with a prosthetic can be a bit difficult at times. Not understanding what you’re up against can lead to extended delays or inconveniences that could’ve been easily avoided. This is especially true when dealing with the airport and their long […]

What are Prosthetics Usually Made From?

What are custom prosthetics usually made from? Over the years, prosthetic design has advanced by leaps and bounds, allowing manufacturers to develop more complex prosthetic designs and features. With more advanced processes being developed including the use of 3D printing and other methods, it’s an exciting time for those who rely on prosthetics and orthotics. […]

What are the Most Common Prosthetics Made for Patients?

What kind of prosthetics are Most Commonly Made for Patients? Prosthetic fabrication and design are needed for a wide array of injuries and health issues. Doctors and specialists are instrumental in making this as smooth a transition as possible. Grace Prosthetic Fabrication provides many different prosthetics for all types of patients. Today, we’re going to […]

Playing Sports with Athletic Prosthetics

What Is Different About Athletic Prosthetics? Researchers estimate that between 15,000 and 20,000 people who use prosthetics compete actively in sports. Nearly 5,000 athletes using prosthetics take part in organized competitive teams, and over 2,200 are Paralympians. Many patients also self-report that exercising helps them with stress and keeps them active. With all those athlete […]