Why Specialists Choose Grace Prosthetics for Fabrication

Why do specialists choose Grace for their patients’ prosthetics and orthotics development? Grace Prosthetic Fabrication specializes in the customization of prosthetic sockets that give patients more flexibility than they’ve ever had before. Specialists across the country and around the globe have been choosing Grace Prosthetics for fabrication for more than three decades. Why have we been […]

Does Customization Affect the Quality of a Prosthetic?

Does customization affect the quality of a prosthetic. Thanks to the experience of custom prosthetic designers and advanced technologies such as 3D printing, patients are able to customize their prosthetics in ways that weren’t possible just a decade ago. Some of these customizations are cosmetic, while others improve the overall functionality of the prosthetic. One […]

Grace Keeps Prosthetic Fabrication Turn-Around Time Short

How do the technicians at Grace reduce the turn-around time for prosthetic fabrication? Grace Prosthetic Fabrication works with doctors around the world to deliver prosthetic sockets, spray skins, Grace Plates, and other prosthetic devices and parts every day. Many of our patients are fascinated by our short turn-around time, delivering high-quality products faster than our […]

Why Prosthetic Socket Lamination is Preferred for Customization

The Basics of Prosthetic Socket Lamination The primary goal of Grace Prosthetic Fabrication is to help patients in need of a prosthetic device live a better life. One way that we accomplish this is with the use of custom laminated prosthetic sleeves. These are basically covers that go over a patient’s prosthetic socket to give the device a different look. […]

How Grace Reduces the Time It Takes to Produce Prosthetic Sockets

How do the technicians at Grace Prosthetic Fabrication reduce the time it takes to produce prosthetic and orthotic devices? Grace has been in the prosthetic industry for a long time, and we’ve seen tons of changes over the years. Many of those changes are obviously focused on improving the quality of prosthetics, but it’s also […]