Why do veterans choose Grace for prosthetics?

Why do veterans choose Grace for prosthetics?

Veterans have proudly served this country, and they deserve the very best products and services. Some veterans have been injured, leading to amputation and the need for an artificial limb.

As an industry leader, Grace has produced many prosthetics for veterans to help them live a long, fulfilling life. Here are some of the reasons veterans choose Grace for prosthetic design.

We’ve Worked with a Variety of Veterans

Grace Prosthetic Fabrication has worked with so many veterans over the years. Providing prosthetics for veterans always warms our hearts. We know that we are doing a good thing for men and women who have served our country. Many of these honorable veterans come from the VA medical center, and we always give them the very best service possible.

We are Dedicated to Their Well-Being

All veterans have gone through a lot to serve our country, but those who have suffered injuries can have an especially difficult time. Our staff is dedicated to the well-being of every person we design prosthetics for, and that includes veterans.

We Honor and Treasure their Patriotism

Regardless of their age, every single veteran has proven their patriotism just by serving their country. Those who have lost a limb from their dedicated service or from severe health issues deserve our utmost respect and admiration. Every employee at Grace Prosthetic Fabrication will honor and treasure each patient’s patriotism from the moment their physician first contacts us.

We Offer Hope and Functionality

Living life as an amputee can be a very difficult challenge, and it is never one to be taken lightly. Veterans often have access to rehabilitation services that can help them with certain aspects of a severe injury.

They can always use more assistance. Our team is proud to help as much as we possibly can. By providing veterans with high-quality prosthetics, we give them the hope of living a fulfilling life and the functionality to make it happen.

We Use the Highest Quality Materials

Veterans don’t like to settle for second best, and neither do we! That’s why we only use high-quality materials in our central fabrication processes. By focusing on quality craftsmanship, our designers have been able to provide prosthetic devices that are extremely durable and will stand up to years of wear and tear.

We also make adjustments and repairs easy so that any damage to a prosthetic can be fixed right away.

We Use the Most Advanced Technology to Develop Prosthetics

Veterans deserve the very best. Currently, that means using every advanced technology that’s available to make sure they’re well cared for. When developing sockets and orthotic devices, we use the most advanced technologies on the market. This includes 3D printing, which allows us to produce designs of prosthetic limbs and parts so we can prepare the final design and socket.

We Offer Customized Laminating Sleeves

Many of our patients take advantage of our spray skin lab to match their skin tone, but veterans seem to absolutely love our customizable laminating sleeves. For all intents and purposes, these sleeves act as a cover that goes over your prosthetic limb socket and allows them to show off their personalities. Many veterans choose red, white, and blue for their colors and possibly an eagle or similar design, but the choice is theirs.

Contact Grace Prosthetic Fabrication for Prosthetics for Veterans

Grace Prosthetics Fabrication is the industry leader in developing prosthetic and orthotic devices for veterans across the country and around the globe. If you have any questions about prosthetics for veterans or any of our services, give us a call at (800) 940-5347 today.