How Does the VA Help Veterans Get Prosthetics?

How can disabled veterans get prosthetic devices with the assistance of the VA? Veterans from around the world need a variety of medical services. Many of them, regardless of the type of military service they’ve completed, have been patients who require prosthetic and orthotic devices. But it seems that veterans don’t always know where they can seek help when […]

What to Look for When Choosing a Prosthetics Company

What you should look for when choosing prosthetic companies for fabrication. As a physician who works with patients who need custom prosthetics and orthotics, you want to make sure that your patients are in good hands. Choosing the right prosthetic companies can sometimes be a bit tricky because there are many options out there, and you […]

Why Specialists Choose Grace Prosthetics for Fabrication

Why do specialists choose Grace for their patients’ prosthetics and orthotics development? Grace Prosthetic Fabrication specializes in the customization of prosthetic sockets that give patients more flexibility than they’ve ever had before. Specialists across the country and around the globe have been choosing Grace Prosthetics for fabrication for more than three decades. Why have we been […]