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Leading Provider of Central Fabrication Services for Prosthetics and Orthotics

Grace Prosthetic Fabrication is a leading provider of central fabrication services with over 32 years of experience in the industry. As an ABC-accredited facility, we utilize the best practices and have certified technicians on our team to deliver the best results for all your fabrication needs.

Fabricating Quality Prosthetics and Orthotics

We fabricate a range of prosthetic and orthotic devices for clients with varying needs. Our prosthetic services include above knee, below knee, upper extremity, athletic, and spray skins. We can also create specialized prosthetics for clients with more specific requests and requirements.

Aside from prosthetics, orthotic devices are also within our expertise. These are designed to help anyone recovering from an injury or suffering from a disease affecting specific body functions. We can create orthotics for the upper and lower extremities, and Grace Gaunlets for certain limb functions.

Inventor of the Grace Plates

Beyond our central fabrication services, Grace Prosthetic Fabrication is also proud to be the inventor of the Grace Plate, a four-hole socket adapter used as a prosthetic component. Over the years, our Grace Plates have evolved into many modifications to suit different prosthetic applications. They mainly come with 225lb and 300lb weight limits, each having sub-variations.

While we first invented this plate to create durable prosthetic designs, it has since become a staple in the industry. As a result, many products worldwide have been made with our plates, allowing us to help even more clients indirectly.

Personalized Fabrication Services for Optimal Fit

At Grace Prosthetic Fabrication, we use a personalized approach to delivering our central fabrication services. Each client has individualized needs, so we take the time to listen to your requirements to customize your order.

Why Choose Us?

At Grace Prosthetic Fabrication, we always put our clients first. We ultimately aim to become the go-to partner for central fabrication services, so we constantly look for ways to improve our products and services. By choosing us, we can promise you the following:

More Value for Money

We create high-quality products at affordable rates to give our clients the best value for money. Our team abides by strict internal practices to always deliver results that exceed your requirements.

High-Quality Craftsmanship

We maintain high standards in our fabrication services to deliver the best craftsmanship. To achieve this, we have a team of ABC-certified technicians with qualifications in central fabrication. We also use leading industry technologies to ensure accuracy in design and fit for our prosthetics and orthotics.

Quick Turnaround Times

We know that clients prioritize quick turnaround times, so our standard fabrication products take three to four business days to manufacture and ship out. Naturally, timing may vary for more specialized projects, depending on which components we’ll need.

90-Day Warranty

We offer a 90-day warranty period for all our products to ensure that we can still assist you in case of repairs or defects after delivery. The time will be effective starting date of completion.

Send Us a Fabrication Request Today

If you need central fabrication services for your business, we are ready to help you with all your prosthetic and orthotic needs. We have been providing quality service for more than 30 years now, and have refined our processes thoroughly, from design to fabrication to shipment.

Contact us today at 1-800-940-5347 or submit your fabrication request through our website to get started on your order!