Why Do We Recommend Custom Prosthetic Laminating Sleeves?

What Are Custom Prosthetic Laminating Sleeves?

The designers at Grace Prosthetic Fabrication are focused on fabricating sockets and other materials that will help patients live a functional and fulfilling life. One of the ways we do this is by offering prosthetic laminating sleeves, which are basically laminated in your socket for a unique look. You can choose from many different colors and designs, or you have the option to create a customized sleeve just for you.


The Benefits of Custom Prosthetic Laminating Sleeves

Spotlights Your Personality
Think of custom prosthetic laminating sleeves in the same way as you might consider tattoos. With the help of our technicians and designers, you can create designs with animals, colors, shapes, symbols of your favorite hobby, etc. This is a great way to show off your individual personality and feel great doing it.

Excellent for Both Short and Long Pants

Our designers always consider the flexibility involved when adding certain options to a socket or other type of appliance. These laminated sleeves work great with shorts or short pants because you can easily show off the prosthetic design.

The Custom Sleeves are Made of High-Quality Materials

Everything we create is made from only the highest quality materials to ensure that it lasts and provides you with proper functionality. These sleeves are made from spandex, lycra, and nylon to form a reliable fabric that will last for a very long time. They have been professionally tested and can match your daily routine with no problems.

Learn More about Prosthetic Laminating Sleeves from Grace Prosthetics

Grace Prosthetic Fabrication is the industry leader in central fabrication of prosthetics. We utilize advanced 3D printing and other design techniques to create the best sockets in the industry. If you have any questions about any of our products, give us a call at (727) 842-2265 today to learn more.