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3D Printing

Process for Ordering a 3D Printed Device

The process starts with a digital file of the residual limb which can either be modified by you or by one of our skilled technicians. The modified file is then run though another software program to prepare the file for printing.

Pros to 3D Printing Prosthetics

Once the digital model is created and modified it can be duplicated time and time again with out the worry of slight changes occurring from the typical fabrication process, essentially making them carbon copies of the original.
It is easy to make last minute changes to any area needed and accuracy can be within fractions of a millimeter. Very useful with global reductions to avoid boney prominences.
The storage of digital files allows you to never have to “not have a mold”. There would be no more need to either incur the cost of a larger facility for storage.
Once a file is sent, the 3D printers will for the most part run independently allowing for better time management. The time savings can be used to focus on other more profitable areas of the company.
3D Neon Lime Socket
3D Clear Test Socket
3D Blue Socket
3D Red Solid WHO
3D printing prosthetics is changing the way our industry fabricates for our customers today.
GRACE Prosthetic Fabrication offers a wide selection of options using only the highest quality materials and expert craftsmanship.
3D Printing offers a perfect fit every time with a fast turn-around.
Contact us today and have your patients experience what the future holds!