Types of Above Knee Prosthetic Socket Customization


Above-Knee Prosthetic Socket Customization

When a patient is in need of an above-knee prosthetic socket, they often don’t have any idea how much customization is possible. Once they figure it out, their decision is typically based on two factors: functionality and personality.

Functionality is typically the same between each socket, though there are materials involved that can make a difference such as carbon and silicone. Here are four above-knee prosthetic socket types that Grace Prosthetics Fabrication Inc. is known for:

  • Laminated Sockets
  • Fabric-Laminated Sockets
  • Carbon Braid Sockets
  • T-Shirt Laminated Sockets

To tackle the personality end of things, GRACE offers a variety of customizations for above-knee prosthetic sockets. Some of the options we make available include:

  • Custom Sleeves
  • Lanyard Kits
  • Inner ProFlex Silicone
  • Custom Stickers/Decals
  • Spray Skins

Ideas for Above-Knee Customization

Patients are always amazed at the different ways their above-knee prosthetic socket can be suited to their personality and favorite things. Here are just some of the ideas that have been brought forth by GRACE employees, along with input from doctors and patients:

This is Important Because

Many patients like to use their prosthesis as a way to support a cause that’s important to them. Perhaps you’re a cancer survivor and want to show support for that community. Or maybe you’re a big believer in the ASPCA or other worthy causes. It’s a great way to show support and look fashionable while you’re doing it.

Athletic Team

It should come as no surprise that a popular choice for many patients is to adorn their above-knee prosthetic socket with their favorite sports team. Or, if they don’t want to choose just one sports team, they have the option of showing several favorite logos or simply sports in general. This is especially popular for patients who continue to engage in their favorite sporting activities.

Favorite T-Shirt

Whenever we tell patients that they can put their favorite t-shirt onto their above-knee prosthetic socket, they assume we mean to replicate the image. On the contrary, we can actually take a full t-shirt and integrate it into the socket during the prosthetic design phase. So, if you have a favorite t-shirt in your closet, you can basically wear it all the time.

Business Brand

If you own a business, there’s nothing better than becoming a walking advertisement. Adding your logo to your above-knee prosthetic socket will often turn out to be the perfect conversation starter. Plus, you can add all of your contact information and social media addresses into the design and then simply point to them when people want to contact your business.Famous Artwork

Another very popular way to make an above-knee prosthetic socket stand out is to add famous artwork to it. This could be anything from Van Gogh or Picasso to Banksy or Jack Kirby. A current trend that we’ve been seeing more of in the past several years is to take the page of a comic book or popular superhero portrait and have it replicated.

Favorite Things

Lastly, this is sort of a catch-all for everything else. Anything you’d like to celebrate such as a hobby or something you love can be created on an above-knee prosthetic socket. This includes sports, video games, fantasy characters, animals, etc. There are certain copyright limits, of course, but our team always has plenty of suggestions.

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Grace Prosthetic Fabrication Inc. utilizes advanced equipment and central fabrication techniques such as Grace Plates and 3D printing to create reliable, customized sockets. If you have any questions about above-knee prosthetic socket types or any of our other product selections, give us a call at (800) 940-5347 today.