7 Benefits of Custom Made Orthotics


What are some of the benefits of custom-made orthotics?

In the past, orthotics had primarily referred to the use of braces and splints, but we’ve now entered a whole new realm thanks to multiple applications in the world of prosthetics. Older orthotics were rife with numerous design limitations, which would lead to discomfort and pain for many patients. Luckily for patients who need orthotics, that has changed.

Technology and technique in the orthotic prosthesis industry have come a long way, much to the delight of patients. What’s even better is that these orthotics can now be customized. Given their proliferation in the industry, we thought it’d be a good idea to take a look at seven benefits of using custom-made orthotics:

Custom Orthotics Relieve Foot Pain

The use of orthotics to help reduce foot pain is very well known, but many people don’t realize that it can help someone with a prosthetic, too. One reason for this is that someone with a single prosthetic leg may experience pain in their opposite foot. With the use of a custom-made orthotic as part of a prosthetic device, there’s likely to be much less pain than before because it’s a better fit.

Alleviates back pain

People who have worn a prosthesis have complained for years that back pain is a hard issue to deal with. Many patients have also reported suffering from sciatica, which can cause numbness, tingling, and weakness in addition to the pain. The use of custom-made orthotics will correct foot and ankle imbalances to help alleviate pain in a person’s back.

Balance and Postural Support

Maintaining balance and posture has been a huge challenge for patients wearing lower body prosthetics. Not only does this alter your appearance, but it can cause severe physical issues if you don’t take care of the problem. Custom-made orthotics will allow your prosthesis to be perfectly fitted to your body, which will provide patients with balance and postural support.

Prevents Future Injuries

When orthotics don’t fit quite right, especially when dealing with the lower body, you can be much more prone to injury. Since orthotics can be custom-made to a specific patient’s physical and activity needs, there’s less chance of this happening. Patients will be able to do their favorite activities with a much lower risk of hurting themselves.

Alleviates shoulder pain

There are times that foot and ankle imbalances result from scoliosis. This, in turn, can cause a great deal of shoulder pain and make even simple tasks more difficult. Custom-made orthotics tackle these ankle and foot problems by strengthening the muscles and fixing their balance, both of which can alleviate the pain.

Helps with Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis affects more than 50 million people worldwide, which makes it one of the leading causes of discomfort and pain. Poorly fitting orthotics can aggravate this joint disease. Custom-made orthotics can’t cure osteoarthritis, but they can help reduce the pain that goes along with it. In some cases, these same types of orthotics can help relieve the pain of arthritis, too.

Enhances Sports Performance 

If your patient plays any sort of sport, then he or she probably already understands that any discomfort or pain can be severely debilitating. Whether someone is suffering from bad posture, foot pain, back pain, or other ailments that cause discomfort, custom-made orthotics can help your patient feel better. With a more aligned — not to mention comfortable and pain-free — foot, leg, and body, patients will be able to optimize their performance.

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