How do Spray Skins Make Prosthetics Look More “Natural?”

Spray skins are perfect for making prosthetics look “natural.”

One of your goals as a physician is to get your patients back to their lives and their daily activities. However, some prosthetics make it difficult for patients to feel “normal”, because of the nature of prosthetics themselves: lots of plastic, metal, and moving parts.

One way to help your patients feel more comfortable with their prosthetics is to personalize them. Spray skins give your patients the opportunity to display their differences proudly and reveal aspects of their personalities. Here is some information about spray skins and the craft of prosthetic central fabrication.

Prosthetic Design and Spray Skins

Whether your patients need an above knee, below knee, or an upper extremity prosthetic, they don’t want their prosthesis to look like everyone else’s. In the past, prosthetics only came in one standard design and one skin color–peach. However, over time, the central fab process and prosthetic design changed–because of the responses from patients for personalization and athletic prosthetics.

Spray skins are an amazing innovation for prosthetics. Instead of using a uniformly peach-colored prosthetic, your patients can match their natural skin tone and the color of their prosthetics. Spray skins are made from vinyl, which means they are water resistant and resistant to UV rays from the sun. Spray skins come in dozens of skin tones to reflect the diversity of the population.

How Grace Can Help with Spray Skins

Grace Prosthetic Fabrication can move prosthetic fabrication even further with spray skin technology. With a spray skin lab, technicians can add details to the vinyl skin that can make them even more unique with brushing techniques that can resemble patterns or even follicles on skin.

Overwhelmingly, patients want a prosthetic that is as close to their limb as closely as possible. Spray skins represent one of the many ways your patients can personalize their prostheses to fit their lifestyles. Spray skins represent one of the ways prosthetics can be personalized. In the modern era, prosthetics can be made for athletes in training who need an aerodynamic, strong, and flexible prosthetic to continue growing in their sport.

If you have a patient who is a passionate fan of a football, baseball, or basketball team, their prostheses can reflect their passion. Your patients can craft their prostheses for the lives they love to live.

At Grace Prosthetic Fabrication, we are at the forefront of spray skin technology. We want our prostheses to fit into the lives of your patients as seamlessly as possible. In fact, we have changed the prosthetic design industry through our patented Grace Gauntlets and Grace Plates that make prostheses as comfortable and durable as possible.

If you have patients who need the best in prosthetic design and fabrication, we can fabricate a prosthetic to fit their needs. Contact Grace Prosthetic Fabrication today and let us get started helping your patients.