What are the Benefits of Grace Plates?

How do Grace Plates benefit your patients?

If your practice involves caring for patients with prosthetics, you know how difficult it can be to get a prosthetic design correct.

This is especially true for patients with either  above knee or below knee prostheses, as well as upper extremity prostheses. These issues are nothing new. Prosthetics have been used for thousands of years. It wasn’t until the 20th century that the prosthetic fabrication process allowed patients to live their lives the way they wanted.

One of the best innovations for prosthetic central fabrication was Grace Plates. Grace Plates revolutionized the central fab process, and brought prosthesis technology into the modern era.

Here is more information on why Grace Plates are so important.

What Are the Benefits of Grace Plates?

The largest benefit of Grace Plates is adaptability. One of the biggest problems with prosthetics is making sure the residual limb and the prosthetic arm or leg work well together. This is especially important for leg amputees. Unlike arms, leg prostheses support the body as well as allow mobility. If your patients experience pain, blistering, and chafing when they use a prosthetic, it is going to be difficult for them to wear leg prosthetics. They may even stop wearing their prosthetic, which lowers their quality of life.

Grace Plates give patients a good interface between their residual limb and their prosthetic. This allows the patient the best, most comfortable fit possible. Grace Plates also reduce the amount and duration of issues patients have with their prosthetics. This is due to the fit is more comfortable.

Not only do Grace Plates create a better interface between patient and prosthetic, but they also allow prosthetics to be more comfortable. One of the best aspects of Grace Plates is that they allow thousands of patients all over the world to have the same four-hole plate system for their prosthetics no matter where they live. This means, if your patient needs a part changed when they are away from home, the Grace Plates will make that easier to accomplish.

Also, Grace Plates come in over a dozen variations, so that they fit every amputee and every type of prosthetic. No matter which type of prostheses your patients have, what their activity level is, or how much they weigh, there’s a Grace Plate available for them. There are even Grace Plates designed for more intensive athletic training.

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If you work with amputees, your practice should include Grace Prosthetic Fabrication. For over 30 years, Grace Prosthetics has worked with amputees and their doctors to make the best prosthetics possible. We know at Grace Prosthetics that individualization of prosthetics is key.

That’s why we have athletic prosthetics for active patients. We also offer spray skins for people who want to personalize their prosthetic. Grace Gauntlets and Grace Plates are available for the most personalized prostheses possible. If you need help with your patients’ artificial limbs, why not give Grace Prosthetics a call today to schedule a free consultation?