Why Specialists Choose Grace Prosthetics for Fabrication


Why do specialists choose Grace for their patients’ prosthetics and orthotics development?

Grace Prosthetic Fabrication specializes in the customization of prosthetic sockets that give patients more flexibility than they’ve ever had before. Specialists across the country and around the globe have been choosing Grace Prosthetics for fabrication for more than three decades.

Why have we been so darn popular for so long? Here are just some of the reasons why these industry professionals have put so much trust in what we do:

Grace Believes in Its Company Mission

Grace’s company mission is to provide superior products of the highest quality to the prosthetic and orthotic industry. Specialists choose us for fabrication because they know that we’ve been dedicated to this mission for more than three decades. This dedication shows in the way that we set the standard not only for today’s manufacturing and design but also for the future. We’ve been doing this since day one, and we’ll never stop believing in our mission.

Grace Has Over 30 Years of Experience

Specialists understand that experience is required to truly understand the intricacies of prosthetic and orthotic design and customization. Over the more than 33 years that Grace has been in business, we’ve worked with the most innovative component manufacturers in the world to deliver the best products possible. We’ve also led the industry in charitable donations by providing services to those in need.

Grace Excels in Customization

Every representative of Grace Prosthetics believes in providing customization options whenever possible. Whether a patient is interested in being active in sports or simply wants to show off their personality with a custom sleeve, we can make it happen. Specialists love the fact that this can help patients make the transition to their new lives go more smoothly. This assists them in a physical, mental, and emotional sense.

Grace Uses Advanced Technology

Grace has always been on the forefront of new prosthetic and orthotic technology. When CAD-CAM technology first came on the scene, our facility was one of the first to integrate it into our fabrication process. In recent years, we’ve also brought 3D printing and design into the fold, in addition to spray skins and other technological advances. As newer technologies emerge in the future, we’ll analyze them as well and adopt the best ones.

Grace Uses High-Quality Materials

Whether we’re building a new socket, constructing one of our patented Grace Plates, or designing a laminated sleeve, we only use high-quality materials. These may consist of anything from steel or titanium to silicone or carbon. Specialists know that the materials we use will ensure our products will last for a very long time.

Grace Designs Their Own Devices

Although specialists would be perfectly fine with Grace producing made-to-order sockets and nothing else, they love that we go several steps beyond. We’ve accomplished this by producing our own products in the form of Grace Plates and Grace Gauntlets. They’re especially impressed by the fact that our Grace Plates are available in more than a dozen variations.

Contact Grace Prosthetics for Custom Prosthetics and Orthotics

Grace Prosthetic Fabrication is an industry leader in prosthetic and orthotic design. If you have any questions about our services or would like to place an order, give us a call at (800) 940-5347 today.