Do Custom Orthotics Really Work: Facts About Orthotics


How effective are custom orthotics?

Millions of people across the United States are in need of some type of orthotic device, typically in the form of a knee, ankle, or foot orthosis. While there are plenty of general orthotic devices on the market, many people get them customized for a better fit. When it comes to amputee patients, we often get asked, “Do custom orthotics really work?

The easy answer is yes, but we’d like to go into a little more detail.

How Do Custom Orthotics Work?

The most common types of custom orthotics are items like arch supports and shoe inserts that correct problems such as flat feet, irregular walking, and various foot, heel, and ankle pains. With an amputee patient, the idea is basically the same, even though the device itself may appear quite different.

Customized orthotics begin with the physical analysis of a person’s body. This is followed by the 3D modeling and printing of an apparatus that’s custom-fit to provide the best results possible. This is much more effective than using a general orthotic device, which may be good enough at first but could cause discomfort in a short period of time.

Three Types of Custom Orthotics

Grace’s designers are dedicated to producing customized orthotics that provide the greatest level of comfort. These customized devices are divided into three categories:

Lower Extremity

The most common custom orthotics are those that deal with the lower extremities. Each device is custom-fit for the patient to ensure longevity and functionality. We offer the following products:

  • Hybrid KAFO w/ modified shoe lift
  • Double upright AFO attached to shoes
  • Laminated floor reaction AFO w/ attached knee brace
  • Plastic and metal hybrid bilateral HKAFO
  • Carbon braid laminated floor reaction AFO w/ Velcro closure
  • Metal KAFO w/ 4-buckle knee cap and custom leather thigh lacer
  • Articulated plastic AFO with 90° stop
  • Crow boot
  • Shoe lift

Upper Extremity

Although people typically think of orthotics as dealing with feet, ankles, and knees, they also refer to the upper extremities. Grace focuses on improving functionality in the upper extremities through the use of customized wrist orthotics. We offer the following products:

  • Solid plastic wrist orthosis
  • 3D-printed wrist orthosis
  • Custom leather wrist orthosis

Grace Gauntlets

The articulating Grace Gauntlet is a proprietary lower extremity orthotic device. Our gauntlets accommodate any amputation length and allow for natural motion while providing firm control and support. Each gauntlet is custom-made in the United States by an elite artisan who has more than 15 years of experience. These handcrafted gauntlets are created with the highest quality materials and held to the highest standards.

How Grace Creates the Best Custom Orthotics

As leaders in the prosthetics and orthotics industry, Grace always strives to design products that are second to none. Here are just a few ways that we’re able to create the best custom orthotics for today’s patients:

Contact with Doctors

We wouldn’t be where we are today without the wonderful relationship we have with doctors. Our team begins with an initial consultation where we go over all of the details involved with the production of the patient’s orthotics. We then ask any follow-up questions, as needed, along the way. Not only does this allow us to produce the best product, but it also allows the doctor to give updates to their patient.

3D Design and Printing

Our designers are great at what they do, but their hard work and dedication would be much harder to turn into a workable product if not for technology. The improvements made to the design and creation of prosthetic and orthotic devices in the past few decades have been incredible. We can now use 3D modeling to preview each design and make changes as required by the patient. We can then use advanced 3D carvers and printers to create each device with unparalleled precision.

Dedication to the Craft

Although our designers rely on the use of technology to create custom orthotics, it’s their dedication to the craft that truly makes the difference. Each one of our designers has been hand-selected because of their experience and knowledge of both prosthetics and orthotics. They’re also well-versed in the latest technologies and keep up with emerging trends within the industry.

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