Why Prosthetic Socket Lamination is Preferred for Customization


The Basics of Prosthetic Socket Lamination

The primary goal of Grace Prosthetic Fabrication is to help patients in need of a prosthetic device live a better life. One way that we accomplish this is with the use of custom laminated prosthetic sleeves. These are basically covers that go over a patient’s prosthetic socket to give the device a different look. It has been proven time and time again that prosthetic socket lamination is preferred when patients are looking to customize their prosthetic.

Why Prosthetic Socket Lamination Is Preferred

Patients love the result of prosthetic socket lamination during the customization phase.

Here are just some of the reasons why this has become a popular choice:

Shows Off Your Personality

Prosthetic socket lamination is the perfect opportunity for a patient to show off their personality wherever they go. Some may choose to have the lamination done in their favorite color or with an animal print, for instance. They can also have multiple sleeves printed so that they can show off various aspects of their likes and hobbies.

Endless Number of Options

Although a patient can do something as simple as choosing a favorite color for their custom lamination, this is only the beginning. We can create designs featuring shapes, symbols, animals, hobby illustrations, sports, movie characters, and more. Designers can even take a person’s favorite t-shirt and physically integrate it into the lamination process. That way, the patient can “wear” the shirt forever.

Makes the Transition Easier

When a patient first finds out that they’re in need of a prosthetic, this will be a very difficult time for them, both mentally and emotionally. Not only is it a huge lifestyle change, but their outward appearance will be different. Customizing a laminated sleeve to show off their personality is a great way to make the transition to this new lifestyle much easier. They’ll feel more confident, and they’ll likely receive positive comments about the design.

Removable and Washable

Taking care of a prosthetic is necessary to keep it functioning properly. A patient’s laminated sleeve must also be cared for so that it doesn’t look dirty or ragged. Laminated sleeves can be easily removed and are machine-washable. This means your patient will be able to take off the sleeve and toss it into the washing machine with clothes, towels, linens, etc.

Sleeves Can Be Changed Daily

Perhaps the best part about customized prosthetic socket lamination is the fact that a patient isn’t limited to just one. Since these sleeves are easily removable, the patient will be able to switch one out for another very quickly. They may even have different ones for a special day of the week, a specific activity, one for work and one for play, etc.

Highest Quality of Materials

Whether we’re developing a prosthetic socket, Grace plate, or laminated sleeve, we always use the highest quality materials. Laminated sleeves, for instance, are made from spandex, Lycra, and nylon to create a durable fabric. By insisting on high-quality materials, the laminated sleeves will last for a very long time and be able to keep up with a patient’s daily activities without wearing out.

Works with Short & Long Pants

Flexibility is always a big concern with prosthetic patients. They want to know that their customized prosthetic socket lamination can be used no matter what they’re wearing. If a patient wants to wear shorts, this will allow them to display their prosthetic design. If they want to wear a pair of long pants, the pants will slip over the sleeve with no problem. In fact, a sleeve will help the pants slide on more easily.

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