Grace Keeps Prosthetic Fabrication Turn-Around Time Short


How do the technicians at Grace reduce the turn-around time for prosthetic fabrication?

Grace Prosthetic Fabrication works with doctors around the world to deliver prosthetic sockets, spray skins, Grace Plates, and other prosthetic devices and parts every day. Many of our patients are fascinated by our short turn-around time, delivering high-quality products faster than our competitors without ever sacrificing any level of quality.

How does Grace keep prosthetic fabrication turn-around time so short while maintaining the best quality in the industry? We’d like to say that it’s easy, but it actually takes a lot of hard work and the right type of technology.

Here’s how we pull off this impressive feat:

Experienced Technicians

The first way that Grace is able to keep prosthetic fabrication turn-around time short is because of our experienced technicians. Many of our technicians have worked in the industry for decades, giving them the knowledge and expertise needed to produce high-quality prosthetic devices in the shortest time possible. However, even though they’re fast at what they do, they never sacrifice quality.

Pre-Design Discussions

In order for a prosthetic production to go as smoothly as possible, we need to know every detail about the patient’s particular needs. Our designers and technicians will have pre-design discussions that focus on the precise details that will be required during the production process to meet the patient’s expectations and customizations. This will help ensure that there are no hang-ups or delays once production begins.

Close Doctor Collaboration

Prior to the design and fabrication processes, our designers will collaborate with the doctor. They’ll go over all the details of the patient’s prosthetic needs, along with the fittings that have been completed. If the patient has already gone through a temporary prosthetic fitting, the designers will incorporate any notes taken from the doctor and ask follow-up questions that may be required.

Dedication to Patients

Every worker at Grace is 100% dedicated to our patients. We understand that patients are counting on us to deliver their prosthetics in a timely manner and that many of them are losing out on functionality until the prosthetic is delivered. We don’t take that responsibility lightly. This means we’re always pushing ourselves to get our products delivered on time and even early if possible.

3D Design Technology

Designing a prosthetic can be a painstakingly involved process. Luckily, the advent of 3D technology such as CAD and CAM have tremendously cut down on design time. We can now render a full prosthetic as a 3D model, examine it, and make tweaks as needed, thereby reducing several parts of the process and overall production time.

3D Printing Technology

3D technology has already advanced quite a bit in the past few years, and the technology is just getting started. At Grace, we’ve found great success using advanced 3D printing to construct high-quality, durable prosthetic sockets in a short period of time. As this technology continues to grow, we have no doubt that our turnaround time will continue to shrink.

State-of-the-Art Carver

Our short turnaround time couldn’t be what it is without a state-of-the-art carver at our disposal. This carver takes the 3D model that’s created in our CAD/CAM system and translates it into a physical form. It does this with the highest level of precision, but also at a very quick pace that allows us to finish any project in a shorter amount of time.

High-Quality Materials

You might not think that using high-quality materials can help reduce turnaround time, but it can definitely make a big impact. By using the highest quality materials available, this prevents a prosthetic from becoming damaged during the production phase, which can slow down or even halt the process. This means that once a prosthetic start being produced, we’re not going to stop until it’s finished.

Proprietary Technology

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to lessen the prosthetic fabrication turnaround time by creating our proprietary Grace Plates. Basically, we created a round plate in an industry that used square plates and revolutionized the way the entire process was done. This made everything a whole lot easier and reduced the time that it took to produce and deliver prosthetics for our company and those who use our Grace Plates around the world.

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