Does Customization Affect the Quality of a Prosthetic?


Does customization affect the quality of a prosthetic.

Thanks to the experience of custom prosthetic designers and advanced technologies such as 3D printing, patients are able to customize their prosthetics in ways that weren’t possible just a decade ago. Some of these customizations are cosmetic, while others improve the overall functionality of the prosthetic.

One of the issues that some patients are concerned about is whether or not customization will affect the quality of their prosthetic. Today, we’re going to dive into that question a bit and then look at the types of customization that are available.

Does Customization Affect the Quality of a Prosthetic?

Custom prosthetics often allow patients to have a higher quality of life. While it may be a concern that certain types of customization may have a negative effect on the quality of a prosthetic, this isn’t typically an issue when dealing with experienced designers. Together with the most state-of-the-art hardware and software available, a skilled prosthetics and orthotics professional will prevent any errors or inconsistencies in the design. This helps ensure that the fit and function of the prosthetic won’t be negatively affected.

What Types of Customization Are Available for a Prosthetic?

There are many different types of customization available for prosthetics. In fact, custom prosthetics continue to become more advanced with each passing year.

Here are some of the most common options that are available to a wide range of patients:

  • Size and Shape — As everyone knows, patients come in all shapes and sizes. This is also true of their residual limb, which means that a prosthetic needs to be custom-made for it.
  • Color and Design — Some patients want their prosthetic to closely resemble a natural limb. Others prefer to use a variety of colors and designs.
  • Materials — Prosthetics and various parts involved can be made from a variety of materials, such as carbon fiber, silicone, and titanium. These can be custom-made to provide durability or flexibility.
  • Functionality — Prosthetics can be customized to perform specific functions based on a patient’s needs. These can include better mobility, a stronger grip, running, or swimming functionality, etc.
  • Control System — Some prospects can be customized with a more advanced control system. For example, advanced devices use electronic sensors that allow for more precise movements.
  • Socket Design — The part of the prosthetic that attaches to a patient’s residual limb is called the socket. This can be customized to provide a more accurate and comfortable fit.
  • Laminated Sleeves — Perhaps the most popular custom prosthetics involve the design of a laminated sleeve. These sleeves can incorporate colors, styles, and a long list of attributes.

What Types of Prosthetic Sleeve Designs Are Available for Custom Prosthetics? 

The most popular type of customization that Grace does for prosthetics is the creation of a laminated sleeve.

Here are just some of the examples of what our designers can do:

Skin Tone Matching

One of the simplest types of laminated sleeve designs is also one of the most popular. Skin tone matching is exactly how it sounds. The sleeve can be created to match your actual skin tone so the prosthetic blends more easily. This is especially helpful for someone who’s been fitted with a prosthetic for the first time and may be a bit apprehensive about it.

Favorite T-Shirt

This type of laminated sleeve design is different from others because it doesn’t just copy or emulate a design. Instead, a patient can bring in his or her favorite t-shirt to have it infused onto the sleeve. This means their favorite t-shirt design will always be with them wherever they go. They’ll be forced to sacrifice their t-shirts, of course, but it’s a reasonable trade-off.

Fictional Characters

Another very popular option is to imprint your favorite character or characters onto the laminated sleeve. Kids and adults alike may choose their favorite superhero, Disney character, movie character, etc. Laminated sleeves can be extremely detailed, which means that you can depict everything from Star Wars space battles to the dragon attacks in Game of Thrones.

Sports Teams

It probably comes as no surprise to anyone that designing a laminated sleeve with a favorite sports team is very popular as well. Patients have a variety of options, such as imprinting the team’s logo, their favorite player, or simply using the team’s colors as a base. If they play a sport themselves or don’t want to use a team, they also have the option of decorating the sleeve with items used for their sport.

Favorite Hobby

Hobbies are a very common type of laminated sleeve design, too. There’s really no limit as to what a patient can wear on their sleeve. They can have their favorite video game imprinted on it, or perhaps a fishing pole, rock climbing images, or anything else they’d like. This is often a favorite of many patients because it really shows off their personality.

Practically Anything

The truth is that practically anything can be made into a laminated sleeve. They can even make it something personal. Some patients choose to stick their favorite quote or favorite piece of artwork on the sleeve.

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