An Introduction to Grace’s New PVA MED Carver Pro-S

What the PVA MED Carver Pro-S Does

The PVA MAD Carver Pro-S is a highly advanced carver that creates 3D-printed check sockets to be used in custom orthotics and prosthetics. This device improves workflow by carving check sockets more efficiently and quickly than past technologies have made possible. The Pro-S allows technicians to streamline their process and deliver a reduced turnaround time to doctors and their patients.

Benefits of the PVA MED Carver Pro-S

There have been many advancements in the world of custom orthotics and prosthetics, and the PVA MAD Carver Pro-S has already proven itself to be extremely proficient. Check out some of the benefits that has made this a welcome addition to the industry:

Reduces Turnaround Time

With a maximum feed rate of 300mm per minute, the Carver Pro-S can create check sockets in record time. The average time for an above-knee check socket is 23 minutes whereas a below-knee check socket takes an average of just 10 minutes. This reduces the standard turnaround time of approximately 3-4 days to either the same day or next day depending on when the scan or measurements have been received.

Allows for a 24/7 Workflow

The Carver Pro-S is designed to run 24/7 to help increase productivity and convenience. Technicians will be able to go through each phase of the unit’s workflow in a reduced amount of time and without constant observation. This 24/7 workflow also increases a facility’s production capacity.

No Office Space Reconfiguration

This compact carver requires no office space reconfiguration. The unit has been designed to fit through a standard door and plugs into a conventional AC outlet. This means you won’t need to make any accommodations to get it inside nor perform any electrical rewiring.

Built with High-Quality Materials

The Carver Pro-S is constructed of the very best materials available. These high-quality materials ensure that the unit and its software stays reliable with very little maintenance. Also, the system is proudly manufactured and supported in the United States.

PVA MED Carver Pro-S Workflow

The PVA MAD Carver Pro-S assists with the creation of custom orthotics and prosthetics by improving the workflow of check sockets. It allows a faster turnaround time and an increase in productivity. This workflow consists of three primary phases:

  • Scanning — The Carver Pro-S will quickly scan a patient’s residual limb, cast, or plaster mode. It achieves this, in part, using the Comb Scanning App that’s included with a one-year license.
  • Modification — Next, 3D scans will be uploaded to the system for modification. This is done through the use of Rapid Plaster® software.
  • Carving — Finally, an STL file will be uploaded to the DeskProto® software. Once that’s done, the file will be converted for carving and a carve mold will be created.

What the Carver Pro-S Includes

The PVA MAD Carver Pro-S is an all-inclusive system that will assist in the creation of check sockets to help advance custom orthotics and prosthetics. The Carver Pro-S includes the following features, supplies, and options:

  • Apple iPhone® and one-year license to Comb Scanning App
  • 5-inch, high-resolution touch screen
  • Rapid Plaster® software preconfigured for AK/BK molds
  • DeskProto® software preconfigured for AK/BK molds
  • VFD-controlled, variable-speed, brushless AC motor
  • Machine settings to get started
  • Short mandrel
  • Long through mandrel
  • Tools to change end mill
  • Garbage bin for easy clean-up
  • Box of bags for garbage bin
  • Brush
  • Box of foam
  • Onsite or online training
  • Ethernet connectivity for remote operation and file transfer
  • Safety interlocked front access door
  • Seamless integration with Emergence PROTM 3D Printing Platform
  • Shipping in the continental United States
  • 1-year warranty

Contact GRACE for Custom Orthotics and Prosthetics

Grace Prosthetic Fabrication Inc. is proud to be on the cutting edge of technology with our use of the PVA MAD Carver Pro-S system. If you have any questions about custom orthotics and prosthetics or would like to receive a free, no-obligation estimate, give us a call at (800) 940-5347 today.