How to Keep Orthotics in Good Shape

Guide to Caring for Orthotics

As a doctor, you know that orthotics and prosthetics are not cheap. A prosthetic leg can cost between $10,000 and $70,000. Whether your patients have shoe inserts or other orthotcs, caring for orthotics is essential to avoid expensive wear and tear.

Here is a guide for your patients on caring for orthotics.

Whether your patient has custom orthotics, such as foot orthotics or even arch supports, caring for orthotics is vital.

How to Care for Orthotics

The first rule in caring for orthotics is to make sure to remove orthotics each evening. First thing in the morning, your patients should clean and inspect their orthotics.

Each orthotic has instructions for cleaning, so make sure your patient gets cleaning instructions. You can also put orthotics instructions for cleaning and maintenance on your website so your patients can refer to them.

Your patients need to understand that immersing their orthotics completely in water is not advisable. Most orthotics, for foot, ankle, and legs can’t handle a complete soaking. Patients should read their orthotic instructions before attempting to clean them.

For example, some orthotics can be cleaned with immersion in soap and water, especially if they are made of plastic. However, some upper extremity orthotics have leather, and should be cleaned with a soft cloth.

Ensure Orthotics Fit Properly

One of the main reasons orthotics cause problems for patients is the fit. It is extremely difficult to get a perfect fit all the time with orthotic design. Often, patients try to make the orthotic more comfortable by padding it and adding cushioning. However, patients can damage the orthotics through padding. Patients can also create pressure sores or blisters through excessive padding. Be sure that your patients understand if they are having fit problems, they need to contact your office.

After cleaning and checking their orthotics, patients need to practice good orthotic care through careful movement. If their orthotics are not comfortable, they need to advise you, because fit is very important.

Other Tips for Taking Care of Orthotics

Be sure that your patients know they will gradually get used to their new orthotics by wearing it for short periods of time, and working up to wearing them for longer periods. Orthotics take getting used to. By slowly breaking in new orthotics, patients reduce the amount of discomfort and ease the wear and tear on the orthotics as well. Encourage your patients to call your office when they have questions, so a small orthotic issue doesn’t become a large problem.

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