Customization for Below Knee Prosthetics


How can Grace customize below knee prosthetics?

When a patient needs a prosthesis, their daily life is likely to change in ways they can’t quite fathom. This is why it’s important for doctors and those in the prosthetics industry to make the transition as smooth as possible.

One way this is done is with the use of design techniques that allow for easy customization of sockets, such as laminating stockings. Many patients love the idea of creating their own below-the-knee custom prosthetic design, so we’d like to share some of the design options that are available to them and how the team at Grace Prosthetics can customize these sockets for your patients:

Colors and Shapes

Many patients want to keep things simple with a below-knee custom prosthetic design, but they don’t want it to appear plain, either. For these patients, you’ll often find them asking for nothing more than their favorite colors and perhaps some shapes to spice things up a bit. While this might be simple in design, it still allows them to display a healthy dose of their personality.

Favorite Athletic Team

Given the popularity of many sports teams, it’s probably no surprise that many patients ask for below-knee custom prosthetic designs incorporating their favorite athletic team. This is a wonderful way for them to show their support while having a cool design that people will notice. Another option is to choose a design for a specific sport that they love, such as basketball, baseball, soccer, fishing, golf, etc.

Artwork or Graffiti Art

If a patient wants a fancy design, they may opt to have a painting transposed to their prosthetic socket. They may want to choose a painting from an artist such as Van Gogh or Picasso, but some may prefer a drawing by Banksy or another more modern artist. Graffiti art has become increasingly popular in recent years, and there are millions of designs that can be duplicated on prosthetics.

Favorite Hobbies

Many patients have hobbies that they absolutely love and want to celebrate whenever they can. The possibilities for designs are truly endless. Whether they love sports, board games, video games, automobile design, caring for animals, or any other hobby or activity, it can be put onto a prosthetic socket in some form.

Past Tattoos

It’s no secret that tattoos are an important part of people’s personalities. These days, men and women of all walks of life have tattoos. When a person’s limb is replaced by a prosthetic, they may lose some of the tattoos they had. This is why many people choose to have their previous tattoos replicated on their prosthetics.

Favorite T-Shirt

Incorporating their favorite t-shirt is a very unique type of below-the-knee custom prosthetic leg design. The shirt is placed onto the prosthetic leg’s cast, and then liquid acrylic is used to seal it in place. This technique gives them access to different designs, whether they choose one from their own closet or find one specifically to have transferred to the socket.

Country or Culture

People are now celebrating their country and culture more than ever before. Some patients are doing this by putting the flag of their country or state on their prosthetic socket. Others are looking to their family’s heritage and history to help celebrate and honor their culture. This is a wonderful way to show pride and look pretty cool doing it.

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