How Grace Will Help Your Patient’s Creativity Shine with Their Prosthetics


Grace’s prosthetic fabrication can help your patient’s be creative!

The prosthetic fabrication industry has evolved significantly over the years. Of course, functionality is a critical feature in any prosthesis since you want to help your patients regain mobility in their daily lives. However, as helpful as these devices may be, patients may understandably feel anxious, overwhelmed, and depressed about wearing one—whether for the first time or habitually.

Because of this, leading industry player Grace Prosthetic Fabrication—or Grace for short—aims to enhance patient outcomes by allowing them to showcase their creativity in their prostheses. Continue reading to learn more about how they do this in their prosthetic fabrication process.

Advanced Technologies for Tailored Fits

As a top provider of prosthetics and orthotics, Grace utilizes advanced technologies to customize devices for your patients. They use computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) to digitize prosthetic designs and modify them accordingly to fit your patient’s measurements.

Additionally, Grace has 3D printing features to create prosthetics that provide the optimal fit and comfort for the wearer. Whether you need an above knee, below the knee, upper extremity, or athletic prosthetic, 3D printing will help make more personalized designs for your patients and increase manufacturing efficiency to get them their devices quickly.

With these technologies, Grace designs and fabricates prosthetics tailored for your patients to help them adjust to the process more comfortably.

Personalization Features for a Special Touch

Beyond using advanced technologies for an optimal fit, Grace also allows patients to customize their prosthetic design to help them showcase their personality and individuality. And this is where the fun comes in!

Given that prosthetic fabrication is a highly personalized process, we engage with patients to help them through their healing journey and help them feel more comfortable wearing their devices. With this, Grace can create custom laminations or use spray skins to provide a unique prosthesis that highlights your patient’s creativity.

Custom Laminations

If your patient wants a particular design for their prosthetic device, Grace can create a custom lamination. You can think of it as a printed fabric that is fit into a prosthetic socket—almost like leggings on a prosthetic leg or gloves on a prosthetic hand!

The beauty here is that your patient can add a personal touch to their device since they can choose whatever colors, patterns, and illustrations they want for the lamination. So, whether they opt for a simple design or add in their favorite sports team, Grace can create a prosthetic that matches their style and preference.

With this option, you can give your patients free reign regarding what design they might want on their prosthetic device. This way, they feel more engaged and excited rather than anxious about getting their prosthesis.


Spray Skins

Spray skins are cosmetic coatings that help make a prosthetic limb look natural by matching it to a patient’s skin tone. With Grace’s state-of-the-art spray skin lab, your patient can choose from various swatches for their prosthesis. The flexible vinyl coating is waterproof, durable, and UV-resistant, making it strong and sturdy against many external elements.

Aside from skin-tone color, Grace’s spray skins also have texture to make them feel like your natural skin. This way, you can give your patients a functional and aesthetically pleasing prosthetic, which will help them feel less intimidated by wearing the device.

Trust in Grace to Create Custom Prosthetics for Your Patients

Allowing patients to participate in the prosthetic fabrication process—especially the cosmetic design aspect—can empower them and boost their confidence in many ways. Since day one, Grace Prosthetic Fabrication’s goal has been to create quality prosthetic devices that maximize patient outcomes and satisfaction.

So, if you want to create custom prosthetics that showcase your patient’s creativity, Grace is ready to help you out. To learn more about what we offer, feel free to call us at 1-800-940-5347 today.