What is the “Show Your Mettle” Trend?

What is “Show Your Mettle?”

As a physician, you are all too familiar with ribbons to designate awareness for a particular illness or injury. However, the “Show Your Mettle” trend is a bit different because it allows people who have experienced limb loss to celebrate their strength and resiliency.

Here is more information on the “Show Your Mettle” trend and how you and your patients can celebrate their courage each day.

About “Show Your Mettle”

There are around 2 million people living with a prosthetic in the United States. About half of all amputees lost a limb due to issues with circulation, and nearly half of amputees lose a limb because of a trauma, such as in war or an accident. While awareness ribbons mark illnesses such as cancer or a disorder such as autism, those are not usually visible to others immediately. Limb loss is immediately apparent, and for that reason, many amputees feel self-conscious about their appearance.

Increasingly, amputees wanted to demonstrate their strength and courage after their amputation. The “Show Your Mettle” campaign allows amputees to publicly display their amputation as a celebration of courage and to show that amputees can live the lives, they want despite their limb loss.

While April is designated Limb Loss Awareness month, your patients can celebrate their mettle at any time. There is even an awareness ribbon for limb loss, which is an orange ribbon that ends in an orthotic prosthetic. Because more people lose a leg, either above knee or below knee, the orange ribbon ends with a prosthetic leg in a tennis shoe.

How Can I Help Patients with the “Show Your Mettle” Trend?

Because the “Show Your Mettle” Campaign is a celebration of courage and strength, this is the perfect time to illustrate the use of spray skins during during prosthetic design or prosthetic fabrication.The central fabrication process and the laminating process after central fab. This allows your patients to personalize lower or upper extremity prosthetics.

Patients can choose athletic prosthetics that are streamlined and aerodynamic. They can continue to compete. Your patients can choose to incorporate team logos, colors, artwork, and inspirational quotes onto their prosthetic, so their prosthesis is personalized.

Also, you may want to think about designing a “Show Your Mettle” campaign for your office. You can use photos and patient testimonials to champion their success, individuality, and strength. Not only will this help new patients to see people thriving despite limb loss, but it demonstrates your admiration for your patients.

How can grace Help Your Patients Show Their Mettle?

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