Show Your School Spirit with Your Below Knee Custom Prosthetic Leg!


How can younger patients show their school pride with their prosthetic device?

As a leader in the prosthetic industry for many years, Grace has received requests for all types of customizations for prosthetic and orthotic devices. One that often comes up for younger patients is school spirit. They want to know if there’s a way that they can use their below-knee custom prosthetic leg to show loyalty to their school with a laminated socket.

Using a Laminated Socket to Display Your School Spirit

High schoolers and college students love showing off their school spirit. There are many ways to accomplish this, from flags and bumper stickers to t-shirts and jerseys. Patients with a below-knee custom prosthetic leg socket can easily show their school spirit by decorating the socket with school colors, a mascot, and other school-related designs or decals.

Other Ways You Can Decorate Your Laminated Socket

Showing your school spirit by decorating your below-knee custom prosthetic leg socket is a great way to support your educational institute, but that’s certainly not the only thing you can do with it. Here are a few awesome types of laminated socket designs that will let you show off your personality and style:

  • Favorite Colors — The simplest way to add a bit of flair to your socket is to laminate it in your favorite color.
  • T-Shirt — If you have a t-shirt that you simply adore, you can have the shirt itself applied to the socket.
  • Skin Tone — Many patients decide to go with something a bit simpler in design by matching their own skin tone.
  • Characters — Adding characters to a socket is very popular with kids, but we can do this with adults, too.
  • Sports Teams — If you’re obsessed with a sports team, add the colors or logo of your favorite team.

How GRACE Designs the Best Below-Knee Prosthetics

Grace has been a leader in the prosthetic industry for decades. Throughout that time, we’ve always done whatever we could to be the very best. Here are just a few ways that we design the custom prosthetic leg sockets for patients:

Doctor Consultation

The first thing we start with is a doctor’s consultation. Thanks to today’s communication technology, there’s no need to set up an in-person meeting. We can do everything over the phone, by email, etc. During this consultation, we’ll discuss all of a patient’s needs and what type of custom design or add-ons they’d like to have with their prosthetic.

High-Quality Materials

Grace takes great pride in every socket or other type of prosthetic device used by patients all around the world. This is one reason why we use high-quality materials in the production of custom prosthetics, orthotics, and any other items we offer. This gives the patient peace of mind, knowing that their prosthetic or orthotic will last for a very long time.

Virtual 3D Preview

Whether a patient is being fitted with their first prosthetic or getting a replacement or upgrade, there’s a good chance that they’re a bit anxious about what the prosthetic will look like. Thanks to advancements in design technology, we can provide a virtual 3D preview of the socket. This will show exactly what the socket and any customized design will look like before we construct them.

3D Printing and Design

In the past several years, 3D printing has changed the way many industries operate. For the prosthetic industry, it makes it much easier for us to design a prosthetic socket as a computer model, allowing us unfettered control of the design and the ability to tweak details as needed. Then, we use a 3D printer to build the socket, considerably cutting down the production time.

Proprietary Grace Plates

Rather than rest on our laurels, Grace is constantly trying to find new and innovative ways to help advance the prosthetics industry. A big way that we’ve accomplished this is by creating Grace Plates, which allow for easier alignment after socket fabrication. In addition to our own process, you can find Grace Plates used in applications around the world.

Contact Grace for a Below-Knee Custom Prosthetic Leg Socket

Grace Prosthetic Fabrication can provide patients with a customized below-knee custom prosthetic leg socket that shows off school spirit, hobbies, favorite characters, and more. If you have any questions about our products or services, give us a call at (800) 940-5347 today to recommend Grace to your doctor or specialist.