The Importance of Proper Prosthetic Maintenance and Care


Why is regular prosthetic maintenance important for your prosthetic socket?

The prosthetics industry has advanced in recent years by leaps and bounds. Newer prosthetics and sockets are able to help patients live a full life in ways that many people would never have thought possible even just a few decades ago.

One thing that patients need to understand is the importance of proper prosthetic maintenance and care. Today, we’re going to explain the benefits of taking care of their prosthetic, along with a few easy-to-follow tips.

Benefits of Prosthetic Maintenance and Care

Although prosthetics are more advanced than ever, patients can’t wear them every single day without taking care of them. If they do, the devices can break down after a relatively short period of time. Here are a few of the benefits that patients will enjoy with simple prosthetic maintenance and care:

Helps Them Stay Functional

The last thing that a prosthetic patient needs to deal with is a prosthetic that has lost its functionality. After all, many patients count on their prosthetics to do everyday tasks such as get to work, enjoy their family, play with their kids, etc. With proper prosthetic maintenance and care, there’s less chance that the prosthetic will get damaged or stop working properly.

Extends Operational Lifespan

Modern prosthetics are built to last for at least a few years, but that can often be up to the patient. If the patient doesn’t take care of their prosthesis properly, then even basic wear and tear can cause it to break down prematurely. By taking care of their prosthesis, they’ll extend the operational lifespan of their device.

Prevents Extensive Damage

Today’s prosthetics are more durable and stable than ever before. But if a person’s activity level is high, the prosthesis will be more susceptible to damage. With proper maintenance and care, however, the patient can help prevent more extensive damage from occurring. This can prevent situations where a device basically breaks down and stops working entirely.

Tips for Prosthetic Maintenance and Care

Although taking care of a prosthetic is sometimes inconvenient, it’s beneficial for the patient. Here are a few simple ways that your patient can help ensure that their prosthesis stays in great shape and lasts as long as possible:

Clean the Device Every Day

Many patients don’t realize what the average prosthetic device goes through each day. It’s subjected to dirt and debris just like your body is. This means that the device should be cleaned every day. If you neglect the prosthesis, the buildup of dirt and other contaminants can quickly wear down the device. Luckily, all you need to do is wipe it down with mild soap and warm water (or use a cleaner designed for prosthetics), and then let it dry overnight.

Remove the Device at Night

Many patients seem to downplay the importance of removing their devices at night. Some of them get comfortable wearing it around and then don’t think that sleeping with it will be a problem. Others might have a partner and feel a little bit stressed out about removing it. But wearing a prosthesis while the patient sleeps will break it down more quickly. It’s better to take it off, clean it, and put it back on the next morning.

Show Damage to Your Doctor

Doctors need to make prosthetic patients understand that they’re always there for them. If they experience any kind of damage to their prosthesis, they need to contact you right away so that it doesn’t get worse. Even if your patient is really stubborn and doesn’t want to be a burden, you need to make them understand that this is extremely important and in everyone’s best interest.

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