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Leading Provider of Central Fabrication in Gainesville

No matter what your prosthetic or orthotic needs may be, Grace Prosthetic Fabrication is here to provide top-quality devices and appliances. Having been in this space for over 30 years, we have refined our processes to deliver top central fabrication in Gainesville. With our professional team, advanced technologies, and durable components, we can guarantee that you’ll always get a superb experience.

Grace Prosthetic Fabrication offers a wide range of central fabrication services to cater to clients with varying needs. We make sure that you always get the best possible products for your patients.

Here is just a sample of the products that we have to offer:


Our team can create prosthetics for above knee, below kneeupper extremity, and athletic purposes. For more specific requirements, we fabricate specialized prosthetics to match your needs. Our state-of-the-art facility also has superior color matching technology that allows us to accurately produce realistic spray skins to match your skin tone.


Beyond prosthetics, Grace also specializes in creating orthotics for upper or lower extremities to support limb functions. Our technicians fabricate a range of orthotic devices, including hip-knee-ankle-foot orthosis (HKFAO), wrist orthosis, knee orthosis, ankle-foot orthosis (AFO), and many others.

Grace Fabrication Plates

The Grace Plates are four-hole laminated socket adapters that fit most prosthetic devices. We initially created this out of a need fabricating our prosthetics. However, the plates have grown to become a staple in the industry as you will see them used in many products globally. They come in various weight limits and designs to suit many different applications.

Aside from these, we also offer other products like pediatric devices and Grace Gauntlets, which we can customize to match your specific needs. We also have a special Grace plate dedicated to your pediatric patients since their appliances are much smaller and more intricate.

Grace’s Commitment to Clients

Since we first opened our doors to clients in 1990, we have been driven by the commitment to deliver quick services and quality products. Until now, we have continued to uphold this promise by maintaining high standards in our central fabrication processes in Gainesville.

We put our clients at the center of what we do. By choosing us as your partner, we can promise you these things:

High-Quality Craftsmanship

Our team consists of ABC-certified technicians who have extensive skills and knowledge in the fabrication process. They understand each step thoroughly and can work with any specifications to create your prosthetic or orthotic device.

Quick Turnaround Times

Here at Grace, we prioritize completing orders quickly as we know how important it is for clients to receive their appliances on time. Our standard fabrication products can be completed in an average of three to four business days, provided there are no special requests or complications. However, even with our quick turnaround times, we can guarantee that quality is not compromised.

Top Industry Technologies

We have the latest technologies in the industry to aid us in our processes and maximize the accuracy of our outputs. For example, we use CAD-CAM technologies to fabricate and fit our prosthetic and orthotic devices. These allow us to get the perfect fit for your devices to ensure that they are comfortable for your patients.

90-Day Warranty

Rest assured; we do not settle for sub-par quality with our central fabrication in Gainesville. We make sure to always produce products that will satisfy your patients. If, by any chance you have problems or notice defects with the product, you can contact our customer service team for help with adjustments. We have a 90-day warranty period to raise such concerns if needed.

Contact Us Today for Prosthetics and Orthotics in Gainesville

As an industry expert, Grace Prosthetic Foundation understands the complexities of central fabrication in Gainesville. Thus, you can send your projects to our certified technicians and rest assured that we will craft a quality product for your patients.

Feel free to contact us today at 1-800-940-5437 to send us a fabrication request or schedule a consultation via Zoom call.