Grace Prosthetics offers Hydro-graphic printing on all your prosthetic devices!


Water transfer printing is also known as Camo dipping, water transfer, aqua graphics, hydro imaging or hydro printing.


It puts a high quality finish that is more durable than wraps or decals on any item made of plastic, metal, glass or hardwood. Hydro-graphic printing is made to sustain strenuous wearing conditions.


Hydrographic printing has been used for decades in the military to camouflage guns and other equipment. Recently, Hydrographic printing equipment and supplies have become more affordable, making it possible for Grace Prosthetic Fabrication, Inc. to offer you.


This new technique allows you to customize your prosthetic devices with hundreds of color & pattern combinations available. Featuring; American flag, POW, Army Combat, Desert Marine, Camo Vista, Diamond Plate, Flame, "Skullz", and Cedar Grain, Naughty Girls, Muddy Girl and Pink Ribbons - just to name a few.

Click on the logo below  to be taken to our sister site, and see all the patterns available with Hydrographics.

*Please be aware, Hydro-graphic process takes an additional 7-10 business days in addition to any fabrication and shipping times.