Celebrating our 26th Year as an Industry Leader! "I got into this field by accident, kind of like most people that get into O. & P. I was working as an orthopedic operating room technician in Huntington, WV, where I got to know George Parsley and Steve Hart. They were two local CPO's in the area, and they came to the O.R. regularly for Halo installations, cast bracing, and temporary immediate post surgical prosthetic fittings. I became very interested in the field, so George and Steve invited me to visit the facility. I did...and began working at Parmeco Inc. in November 1979. There I learned to fabricate prosthetics, as well as fitting and alignment. After 2 years of training, I basically took over the prosthetics at Parmeco, doing all the measuring, fitting, and fabrication, in addition to hospital calls and attending various clinics. I continued working at Parmeco for another 5 1/2 years. In 1986, I moved from WV to Orlando, FL. and worked at DOBI-Sympex in the prosthetic department and eventually became the supervisor. There I learned how central fabrication worked and how to keep the production flow going. I worked for DOBI for 2 years. After that I spent a short time as partners in another central fab. In March of 1990, along with my dad, (who had retired from the Ford Motor Company and was living in New Port Richey), opened Grace Prosthetic Fabrication, Inc. Grace Prosthetic Fabrication Inc. " - "Ed" Grace President of Grace Prosthetic Fabrication

 Ed and Tony have been a pioneers in the industry with the production of the Grace Plate, Grace Gauntlets and Grace Lanyards, as well as prosthetic and orthotic Central Fabrication. GPF has always strived for exceptional customer service with the goal of providing quality prosthetics and orthotic central fabrication at fair prices.


In 1991 Ed brought his brother, Tony into the business as assistant fabricator, and would eventually become head of Sales and advertising. After much success and growth, Tony was made Vice President. Tony also has brought monumental advancements in the cosmetic side of fabrication adding; Water Transfer or Hydrographics, and Gatorglass Illumination. Grace Prosthetics is the only fabricator in the field certified to do the Gatorglass process. GPF was one of the first to bring CAD-CAM technology into the central fab. All of these advancements have lent themselves to the steady growth of Grace Prosthetics, servicing O&P clinics worldwide.


Ed and Tony have made sure that Grace Prosthetic Fabrication Inc. is not only a leader in the O&P field they also make sure they are giving back to the community. After a massive earthquake wreaked Haiti in 2010, Grace Prosthetic Fabrication Inc. donated hundreds of Grace Plates to “Limbs for Haiti. We have fabricated over 100 limbs for the charity group. Every year, we host students studying orthotic and prosthetics from local colleges.  Helping to insure that they may get hands on experience with the fabrication process along side our seasoned technicians.


This year Grace Prosthetic Fabrication is becoming ABC certified. We are proud to announce that we currently have, two on-site ABC certified technicians. Many of our technicians have been with us for over 10 years. GPF's goal is to get all of their Technicians certified, this year. We take pride in the craft of Orthotic and Prosthetic Central Fabrication. GPF attends numerous industry meetings to continue learning as the industry changes and new components are introduced.


Growing together we look forward to the next 25 years! Thank you for continuing to be a part of that.